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Luv You Shankar Movie (2024)
Luv You Shankar
Family Star Movie (2024)
Family Star
Stree 2 Movie (2024)
Stree 2
Aadujeevitham - The Goat Life Movie (2024)
Aadujeevitham – The Goat Life
Bade Miyan Chote Miyan Movie (2024)
Bade Miyan Chote Miyan
Bastar - The Naxal Story Movie (2024)
Bastar: The Naxal Story
12th Fail Movie
12th Fail
Kung Fu Panda 4 Movie (2024)
Kung Fu Panda 4
Yodha Movie (2024)
Gaami Movie (2024)
Jawan Movie (2023)
Shaitaan Movie (2024)
Laapataa Ladies Movie (2024)
Laapataa Ladies
Bhimaa Movie (2024)
Vyooham Movie (2023)
Operation Valentine Movie (2024)
Operation Valentine
Mumbai Diaries Movie (2023)
Mumbai Diaries
Anweshippin Kandethum Movie (2024)
Anweshippin Kandethum
Lal Salaam Movie (2024)
Lal Salaam
Game On Movie (2024)
Game On
Manjummel Boys Movie (2024)
Manjummel Boys
Siren Movie (2024)
Ground Movie (2024)
Blue Star Movie (2024)
Blue Star

Aadujeevitham - The Goat Life Movie (2024)
Aadujeevitham – The Goat Life
Gaami Movie (2024)
Bhimaa Movie (2024)
Vyooham Movie (2023)
Operation Valentine Movie (2024)
Operation Valentine
Game On Movie (2024)
Game On
Siren Movie (2024)
Ground Movie (2024)
Eagle Movie (2024)
Hi Nanna Movie (2023)
Hi Nanna
Mangalavaaram Movie (2023)
Dashmi Movie (2024)
Atharva Movie (2023)
Calling Sahasra Movie (2023)
Calling Sahasra
Japan Movie (2023)
Leo Movie (2023)
Currency Nagar Movie (2023)
Currency Nagar
90’s - A Middle Class Biopic

Bade Miyan Chote Miyan Movie (2024)
Bade Miyan Chote Miyan
Yodha Movie (2024)
Jawan Movie (2023)
Shaitaan Movie (2024)
Crakk – Jeetegaa Toh Jiyegaa Movie (2024)
Crakk – Jeetegaa Toh Jiyegaa
Article 370 Movie (2024)
Article 370
Tejas Movie (2023)
Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan Movie (2023)
Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan
Adipurush Movie (2023)
Gadar 2 Movie (2023)
Gadar 2
Salaar Movie (2023)
Tiger 3 Movie (2023)
Tiger 3

iBomma Telugu Movies is loved by many fans of Indian cinema, especially those who enjoy Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi, Bollywood, Hollywood films ఇబొమ్మ తెలుగు మూవీస్ or movies. This free streaming platform lets you easily watch a variety of the latest movie releases. However, iBomma has faced criticism and legal problems because of issues with copyright but we are not providing such things here, we are just providing information related to movies or promoting content.

Explore the magic of the latest movies with our blog reviews about Ibomma Telugu Movies in 2024. Find out about the exciting stories, interesting plots, and amazing performances in Telugu cinema. Keep yourself entertained and informed with our expert reviews on the best movies from Ibomma in 2024.

ibomma telugu movies new 2024 and ibomma telugu movies com is an online streaming website that provides a diverse range of films, including Hollywood blockbusters and independent movies. The platform offers various formats like HD, 4K, and 3D, allowing viewers to pick the one that suits them best. Additionally, all movies are available for download making it convenient for offline viewing.

What Is iBomma Telugu Movies New 2024 and 2023?

iBomma bar, ibomma info is a website where you can watch Indian films, especially Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi, for free. You don’t need to sign up to use it then here are some important things about iBomma that are provided below.

iBomma offers a big collection of the latest Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi films. You can watch movies with English subtitles, and the best part is, you don’t need to sign up to start watching. The website is regularly updated with the newest releases, and the best thing is, it’s completely free. Plus, you can enjoy the movies in high-definition (HD) streaming quality.

Ibomma is a popular online platform, especially for people who love movies from South India. It’s a place where you can easily watch your favorite movies and TV shows without leaving your home. Ibomma has a wide variety of regional movies, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to dive into the world of Indian cinema.

Name of WebsiteiBOMMA TELUGU MOVIES NEW 2024 and 2023 
Website Linkhttps://ibomma1.co.in/
CategoryEntertainment and Information
GenresAction, Drama, Biography, Horror, Romance, Adventure, Science fiction Information
Use of websiteWe Provide Reviews of the Latest films and movies, television shows, and Web series.
Types of MoviesTelugu, Tamil, Hollywood, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi etc.
Type of WebsiteMovies and Entertainment
Download Moviesyou can get or Available via preferred ott platforms with a subscription

The iBOMMA App: Your Doorway to Fun and Entertainment

The ibomma telugu movies new 2024 download free app or website is like a special doorway to a world of fun for people who love movies. It’s got a huge collection, from action-packed films to heartwarming dramas and funny comedies, there’s always something available for everyones.

Using the ibomma app is a breeze. Just click a few times, and you can have it on your phone or tablet. After that, you can watch or download your favorite Telugu movies whenever you feel like it.

The app is straightforward to understand, with simple menus and cool features like suggesting what movie to watch next. Plus, you can watch movies even without the internet. This makes watching movies on Ibomma a super easy and enjoyable experience.

You can begin watching movies or getting information (reviews) of movies on iBomma right away without having to make an account or give any personal info. Many people like that there’s no need to sign up. iBomma gives you movies with different qualities, from 360p standard definition to full high definition 1080p. This way, you can choose the quality that works best for your internet speed, making it good for people all around the world.

iBooma Telugu Movies In 2024 Latest

IBomma always adds new Telugu movies to its collection in 2024. This means you can always find the latest and coolest movies. You won’t miss out on any of the popular films everyone is talking about. Ibomma is proud to have lots of Telugu movies in different genres like action, romance, drama, comedy, and more. They have everything from old favorites to the newest hits, trying to make everyone happy with the kinds of movies they like.

Blockbuster Hits

IBomma has a bunch of awesome Telugu movies that people who love movies will really enjoy. These films have exciting action, strong emotions, and stunning visuals. It’s like a special treat for those who enjoy watching great movies.

Trending Telugu Movies

ibomma telugu movies new 2024 and 2023 has many popular and trending Telugu movies, both old and new of 2023 – 2024. You can enjoy the interesting stories and excellent performances that people have loved for a long time. It’s a great place to experience the world of fantastic storytelling and outstanding acting.

Subtitles & Dubs Support

In iBomma Telugu Movies New 2024 version, you can pick movies that have subtitles and audio in the language you like best. This makes watching movies more fun and easy for you to watch or read popular movies without having any issues.

Ibomma Movie Review:

Ibomma makes reading movie reviews easy and smooth. Just follow simple steps to check out reviews for your favorite Telugu movies and enjoy them even more.

  • Go to the Ibomma Telugu Movies New 2024 and 2023 website at ibomma1.co.in.
  • Look through the movies or search for the one you want.
  • Pick the movie you like from the best collection of Telugu, Hindi, Hollywood, etc. categories.
  • And enjoy reading the review whenever you want.

Downloading Telugu Movies From iBomma In 2023 – 2024

At iBomma Telugu Movies New 2024 and 2023, we really don’t recommend downloading or promoting pirated movies. Piracy is not okay because it breaks the rules about copyrights, and it hurts all the people who make movies. It’s better to support the movie industry by choosing legal and fair ways to watch movies.

Reminder: Don’t Support Piracy

When you download movies illegally, you’re not giving the creators the money they deserve, and it might make them not want to make more cool stuff. Let’s show respect for the hard work and creativity of filmmakers by using legal ways to watch movies.

Choose legal places to watch movies and help the entertainment industry stay strong. Together, we can make sure everyone has a good and fair time enjoying films. Say no to downloading illegally and be a responsible viewer. You can also check out movie reviews instead.

ibomma telugu movies new

Legal Alternatives To Watch Indian Movies

Instead of using free options, you might want to think about reliable paid choices to watch Indian movies. We look at how piracy has changed things, from how movies are shared to reaching audiences around the world, these are the impacts of piracy so please consider watching movies in cinemas by purchasing tickets and saying no to piracy.

Netflix:–  It gives you access to fresh Indian movies like Gangubai Kathiawadi and RRR, along with their own series.

Amazon Prime Video:– With a Prime membership (priced at 179 per month), you can watch Prime Originals and the newest Indian movies. Enjoy titles like Ponniyin Selvan-I, Sardar, and many others.

ZEE5:– ZEE5 is all about Indian entertainment, providing the newest South Indian movies, Originals, TV shows, Music, and more. You can start with plans from $6 per month and up after a free trial.

ErosNow:– ErosNow, owned by ErosSTX studios, lets you watch the newest Bollywood and regional Indian language movies on the web or through apps. You can start with plans from $7 per month.

IBomma Website and Their Alternatives

iBOOMA WebsitesMain AlternativesSubordinate Alternative
ibomma telugu movies comBolly2tollyMovies07


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we discussed below that are asked by users many times so if you are visiting the website first time then these questions or doubts also be yours. Read them for getting more information about ibomma.

Q: How often do they add new movies?

Ibomma updates its movie collection a lot, so you can always find the latest releases and popular films without missing them.

Q: Can I download movies from Ibomma to watch offline?

Yes, you can download movies from Ibomma original website and watch them without needing the internet.

Q: Can I use Ibomma on different devices?

Yes, you can use Ibomma on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and computers. It works on lots of different devices because this does not need any type of subscription or login.

Q: Can I watch movies for free on Ibomma?

Ibomma has both free and paid content. Some movies are free to watch, while others may need a subscription. We say no to piracy.


I hope you will like the website Ibomma Telugu Movies New 2024 Which provides information about the latest movie releases. Ibomma is a cool place for Telugu movie fans. They have a lot of movies that you can download for free. But, you should be careful because watching movies from not-so-safe places can be risky. You can still enjoy movies without any worries by using safe and legal streaming options. We always say not to piracy and not to provide any such content on websites that are pirated.


Welcome to our movie review website! We want to make it crystal clear that we are all about sharing insights and information about movies. However, we want to emphasize that we are firmly against piracy in any form. We do not support the illegal sharing or viewing of movies. we always say no to piracy and do not provide any type of movie downloading links or files here. Our movie reviews, summaries, and all other content are intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. We put in the effort to provide our readers with accurate and reliable information based on our thoughts and thorough research. We strongly encourage our readers to support the movie industry by watching movies through legal means. This could include going to theaters, using official streaming platforms, or purchasing authorized DVDs or digital copies. Copyright infringement is a serious matter to us. If you believe that any content on our website is infringing on your rights, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or visit our DMCA page. We are committed to addressing and resolving any issues promptly.